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At V.Ships Offshore we provide everything but the oil.  We can support investors, owners and operators as you navigate the intricacies of offshore asset management.  We currently operate a full range of sophisticated vessels including construction, dive support and accommodation.

We provide the full lifecycle service to fixed and floating assets anywhere you need us.

V.Ships Offshore is made up of a network of 26 energy and marine companies.  With access to 2,500 experts in the offshore, marine and subsurface market, we have the industry know-how to address your asset management needs.

We support investors, owners and operators as they navigate the intricacies of offshore asset management. We currently operate a full range of sophisticated vessels including construction, dive support and accommodation.

If you would like more information, download the V.Ships Offshore Brochure.

Here at V.Ships Offshore, we stand by our values, as we believe they make us what we are: safe, dependable, trustworthy and efficient.


Our Values

  • Safety: in every situation safety always comes first
  • Teamwork: we support and learn from one another as we give our very best
  • Personalised services: our flexible, personalised services meet our customer’s individual needs
  • Creating value: we create value for our customers and in doing so create attractive returns for our shareholders
  • Accountability: we see a job through start to finish
  • Transparency: we are always open, honest and clear



V.Ships Offshore and its group companies, complies with all applicable laws and regulations of the countries in which it operates. 

The company is regulated by the UK Bribery Act 2010 and all employees of the company and its affiliates are required to comply with our Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy wherever they are employed and operate, a copy of which is available upon request.



Safety has always been paramount for us in V.Ships Offshore reflected by our proven track record of HSE and LTI results.

We have an ongoing responsibility to our employees, clients and their families to ensure we manage risk to a level that is as low as reasonably practical.


Performance assured

Performance assured reflects our passion for delivering the best possible service and generating the highest possible return on assets 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

It means:

  • Putting in place systems that help us effectively manage risk for an unrivalled peace of mind.
  • Flexibility, reliability and value for money, with the technical expertise and IT excellence that supports resilient, profitable operations.
  • Effective integration of services so that each part of V.Group works seamlessly to increase efficiency and maximize profit on your behalf.
  • Teams focused on looking after clients’ assets as if their own, and driven by core values of safety, personalized service, creating value, accountability and transparency. 

Ship Management & Marine Operations

"V.Ships Offshore is a specialized team delivering efficient and cost effective marine operations"

V.Ships Offshore is the marine operations division of V.Group responsible for the management of assets deployed within the offshore oil, gas and renewable energy markets.  We are the industry leader in marine and technical operations.

From project inception to conclusion, we cater for the management of all upstream asset classes. Our core service is marine operations management.

Crewing Services

"V.Ships Offshore has access to the largest seafarer recruitment network in the world"

We can provide the full range of skills you need to crew and manage your offshore or onshore asset, we promise to deliver at the highest levels of Health, Safety, Quality and Environmental performance.

We have a proven track record of mobilising and managing crew in in the North Sea, Brazil, West Africa, Gulf of Mexico, Asia and the Middle East.

Cost Effectiveness

"We provide at-cost Marine Operations and Services for your assets"

As owners continue in their attempt to lower costs and balance the books, the popularity to hand over the crewing and operating management is on the rise. But in the current economic climate, only the best ship managers will flourish. This is why V.Ships’ success story is continuing to thrive.