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Recruitment Process

  • Advertisements are placed in local publications from time to time inviting applicants to fulfil any vacancy that may arise. Subject to required qualification, all candidates are considered for engagement without any reservations for specific ship or owner.  Application may be sent in the form of a C.V. or the application for employment form providing previous sea service records to
  • Particular attention is to be paid towards previous work experience held by the applicant, with special emphasis as to relevance for the specific position.
  • All candidates must complete the V.Ships competence evaluation tests with Marlins. The results of the test are also recorded in "Seafarer Interview Form".
  • As a minimum standard, all seagoing personnel are to be certificated in accordance with the STCW, and appropriate flag state requirements. Additionally, catering staff shall be properly trained or instructed for their positions; seafarers who are engaged as ship's cook are trained, qualified and found competent for the position in accordance with MLC 2006, applicable national and/or flag state regulations.
  • All seafarers joining fully managed vessels will receive training in the V.Ships Offshore Safety Management System  (OVMS)  appropriate  to  their  duties  and  in  the  importance  of  compliance  with  these process. Seafarers joining crew managed vessels are trained and instructed according to owner specific training matrix and/or management system. Selected seafarers shall undergo recommended pre-engagement training prior engagement.
  • Examinations are conducted by V.Ships Offshore / Administration approved medical practitioners in accordance with ILO73 and MLC 2006 A-1.2(Medical Certificate). Vaccination requirements if any are met according to vessel's trade.
  • All seafarers being selected by V.Ships Offshore must pass an online test and the Test of Spoken English (TOSE). The pass mark is set at a pre- determined level in line with the demands of the rank however If an officer's COC examination is undertaken in English then Marlins English Language test is not required.
  • A selection interview of applicant is carried out by a competent Crew Coordinator in accordance with the competence evaluation test, Officer Appointment Matrix; Officer Experience Matrix; Officer Promotion Matrix; Company Training Matrices and any other requirement. The Seafarer Interview Form of selected candidate is retained in personal folder of the seafarers.
  • References for candidates are to be obtained which can be written or verbal and should confirm satisfactory conduct, ability and sobriety. Details of references obtained are recorded in seafarer interview form.
  • Proposed senior ranked candidates are accepted or rejected by the company within reasonable time.
  • Approved candidates shall attend their pre-engagement medical examinations and pre-engagement training to comply with the company's training matrix, where appropriate.
  • Approve candidates employed on company managed or manned vessels are provided with adequate uniform and/or protective clothing as directed by relevant company manager.
  • Approved candidates shall have reviewed, understood, and signed the V.Ships Quality Policy Statement, Environmental and Conservation of Energy Policy, Whistleblowing Policy. Shall also sign the Company Drug and Alcohol Policy (The interval between two drug and alcohol test should not exceed 12 month period), Declaration of Compliance and Seafarer Code of Conduct prior joining the vessel. In addition seafarers are required to sign owner specific policies, if any as a confirmation of understanding and complying with the policies.