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Connecting with our crew - Barbartos Hayreddin Pasa visit

V.Ships Business Development Manager Efe Sipahi and Offshore Crew Coordinator Deniz Kircova recently paid a visit to the Barbartos Hayreddin Pasa (BHP). V.Ships has been providing services to the Seismic Research Vessel’s Technical Manager, Polcarus DMCC, for the last three years and provides more than 20 Turkish crew to the vessel including a mix of Senior Officers, Junior Officer and ratings.

The vessel visit which took place at the Desan Shipyard in Tuzla, Istanbul was an opportunity to meet with Turkish Petroleum Cooperation (TPAO) representatives as well as spend time with the crew on board the BHP.


The shore team were informed about the current situation and upcoming research projects of the vessel in operational aspects. Additionally a short meeting took place with the crew, led by the BHP's master Cpt. Kazım Var, to collect feedback and plan for potential improvements to crewing operations. The shore team briefed the crew about the future prospects of the vessel regarding the extension of the management contract between TPAO and Polarcus DMCC for another two years.


Deniz Kircova said: "It was an efficient crew meeting where both sides had a chance to share their point of view and information. It was also an important day since as the Crew Coordinator for the BHP crew, this was the first chance I had to personally visit the vessel and see the atmosphere onboard."

"We’d like to thank our crew for their dedicated efforts and teamwork since their first day being onboard" added Efe Sipahi.